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Cyber Security

Awareness Solutions

An active security awareness program can greatly reduce many risks which cannot be addressed through security software and hardware devices. In these cases, it is the human element of security that must be addressed which is exactly what our products are designed to do. InfoShield is proud to offer professional, effective and affordable security awareness products appropriately designed for your target audience and to help build a security culture at your organization.

Awareness Products include posters, flyers, videos, pamphlets, booklets and more in both Arabic and English.

Cyber Security

Security Policy Development & Implementation


One of the most important aspects of security awareness is having a solid and professionally developed security policy not only demonstrate a commitment toward resilient information security, but also to set down the framework for later security enforcement. Our security specialists will analyze your security requirements, and formulate effective policies, standards and management procedures. We will help implement your policies by defining formal security processes and designing specific secure solutions and configurations on firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, operating systems, and applications.

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